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Fractals manages the property for you, we are co-owners of your destination home, ensuring an exceptional experience. It’s a smart approach to vacation home ownership

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Chrustina, Fractal Owner

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Both me and my partner have a design background and are very aesthetically sensitive so we appreciated everything from the decor, plants, thoughtful details to the warm moody lighting

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Raj, Fractal Owner

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This concept is simply incredible! The properties are amazing, well furnished and completely turn key. Instead of the seller renting out to air bnb daily or weekly renters True owners on title. The level of care that brings from just 8 owners as opposed to hundreds of random renters over time helps keep the local community stable and thriving.

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Swathi, Fractal Owner

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I really feel at home here; it’s as if it was designed specifically for me. I have everything I need, and it’s all of high quality, so moving or purchasing new things didn’t even factor into my buying decision. It was so easy and fast, to sign contracts and etc.

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